Welcome to my Livejournal Page. I write here, tis what I do. Mainly fics about my latest obsession over some form of media and what not ;) and well, i hope that you enjoy it :) Welcome to the House of Horror. :D

Hey, a couple of LJer's and I have banded together and created a comm about Skins fic. I know it's been done before and there are lots be we are hoping to bring a little spice back to the Skins fandom with prompts, awards, contests and more, and at the same time offer you a place to dabble in writing, to an extent. :) It's called Skinslit and can be found here skins_lit   feel free to post any pairing or fic here all is welcome. 

Please give it a try. Thank you.


Welcome to the House of Horror :)

You know when someone's avoiding you.
I'm mean what's the fucking point? Why don't they just come out and stay "Hey, I'm not feeling you at the moment maybe you should back off?" but no! Fucking no! We have to deal with people who skate around the actually problem and do this when you speak to them.

"Hey" - person

"Hey....oh is that the time. I'm late for my non existent meeting. bye." - avoider

"No, ill drive you come on." - Person

"Nah, it's fine. I can take the bus." - avoider

"What and be 45 mins late and cost yourself like a fiver? Nah, come on." - person

"Erm nah i just take a taxi. I don't wanna trouble you." - avoider


"What?" - avoider

"You're avoiding me you fucking idiot. I wish you would crawl somewhere and die a slow painful death for the way you've been pulling my heart strings you heartless cunt. You don't deserve to have freinds because you clearly don't understand the concept of communication. Fucking idiot." - person

obviously the last bit is what we all should say. No one does though. It all comes with tell tale signs. They can't right now or they're busy or they're hanging with someone else and so on and so forth until it because so unbelievable that you might as well just show up at their house at 2 am while they are in bed and they'll still go "Soz, just going to hang with a mate."


You can tell when someone's avoiding you. Do they really think we're idiots!



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